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We’re grateful for each and every customer. And when they share their positive experiences with our company, we’re truly honored.

I am writing to express my overwhelming appreciation for the tremendous work that United Commercial Energy Partners did for us here at Mustang SWD Operating. From the original communication, to the in- depth per meter analysis you completed, and down to signing on the dotted line for our new agreement, I must say you’ve exceeded any of our expectations of what was/is possible when it comes to energy management. Our new agreement that was put in place is on track to save us nearly $3,000,000 as a result of the opportunities uncovered by your team. The quick communication and ease to work with your firm has been a breath of fresh air vs. dealing directly with the supplier like we’ve done in the past. Although I was not a believer in using a third party energy management firm such as yours in the past, I do not believe I will ever tackle this again without such assistance. It just makes sense to have someone in your corner fighting for your best interest and as far as we are concerned here at Mustang SWD we are glad it is United Commercial Energy Partners doing just that.

I would personally recommend United Commercial Energy Partners to any residential, commercial or industrial consumers who may be looking for help with any energy related needs. You and your team are great!

Boyd S. (Co-Founder), Mustang SWD Operating


Sustainability is just as important to us as it is to you. We have green energy products to meet your needs, and we take pride in being an environmentally friendly business. For more information, visit our Commercial Solutions page.

Giving Back

Giving back to our community isn’t just a choice for us, it’s a “must.” Portions of our company’s sales every year are donated to children’s hospitals, our military veterans, and organizations seeking a cure for diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Our Mission

Our objective is simple. Provide our clients with the experience, technology, strategic insight, and industry expertise that is required to properly traverse today’s deregulated energy market.

For most companies, the expenses associated with their energy consumption are directly linked to changing production schedules, varying hours of operation, fluctuating market demands, and unique business processes. With this many factors to consider, there’s no singular solution that applies to all consumers. United Commercial Energy Partners stands apart from the crowd by excelling at procuring energy contract’s that are catered to each of our client’s unique energy profile. We will tediously analyze every aspect of your company’s over-all energy expenditure to identify ANY areas in which we can save you money. UCEP’s energy-cost mitigation strategies are designed to help companies lower their monthly operational expenses, reduce peak energy demand, and improve overall energy efficiency.

Most companies simply don’t have the time, resources, or manpower to navigate through the maze of retail electric suppliers, convoluted contract language, types of energy products, and the full scope of services that over 200 REP’s in Texas provide.  By arming our clients with the tools, experience, and the vital information required to select the best energy product; each of our customers can be confident that they are making the optimal procurement decisions in the smartest, most convenient way possible. Our industry relationships, market insight, and shear buying power enable us to provide our clients with a purchasing strategy that ensures they are consistently paying the absolute minimum for one of their largest mandatory operating expenses.

There’s no question, United Commercial Energy Partners is the best solution for your commercial energy needs. Give us the opportunity to prove it to you – Get a Free, No Obligation Bill Audit & Savings Analysis.

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