Most companies simply do not have the time, resources, or manpower to navigate the complexity involved with  properly managing the energy consumption, energy demand, energy efficiency, and retail energy supply that encompasses the entirety of their business’s monthly electricity costs. At UCEP, we believe it is imperative to first tediously analyze the overall “utility profile” of each individual customer in order accomplish the goal of mitigating  a company’s overall operating expenses. That is key to identifying  an efficient consultative approach that establishes a clear picture for the customer of what the optimal mitigation strategy looks like. Our value is  highlighted within our  proprietary analysis that we compose for each of our clients at the end of the consultation process. Each item contained within the analysis is specific to the unique operation of each individual client; which produces an in-depth look at the historic “utility profile” per square foot divided into 15 minute intervals over a 12-24 month period and can be used to target electricity, natural gas, and PSI.

Our process takes as much as 120 hours allowing us to stand out as the go to solution for all of your utility needs. All of this comes at no initial cost or obligation and will take very little energy or effort on your part.

We pride ourselves in being one of the only true energy management, mitigation and consulting firms in all of the USA. As a result, we are able to influence 15 factors in relations to your company’s utility expense profile. Currently our portfolio of 1000’s of clients spans across the USA, Europe, Canada and growing. Our tenure, relationships and buying power has enabled us to be identified as the “largest channel partner” to several of the key utility providers.


Sustainability is just as important to us as it is to you. We have green energy products to meet your needs, and we take pride in being an environmentally friendly business. For more information, visit our E3 Solutions page.

Giving Back

Giving back to our community isn’t just a choice for us, it’s a “must.” Portions of our company’s sales every year are donated to children’s hospitals, our military veterans, and organizations seeking a cure for diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Coming Soon!

Our website is currently going through a restructuring in order to allow our clients access to our cutting edge E3 calculator. Our E3 calculator will allow clients to fill out a quick questionnaire which will instantly grade your utility profile efficiency in order to provide high level suggestions on how we can assist in minimizing your company’s overall operating expenses.

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