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United Commercial Energy Partners

United Commercial Energy Partners (UCEP) delivers a highly effective and unique approach for perpetual facility virtual financial endowments through utility cost savings. The UCEP solution is not available by any other energy performance services contractor. UCEP accomplishes unequaled energy savings through a patented optimization software solution combined with a team of industry leading professionals.

We are also market differentiated by our simple core belief: wasted energy dollars are better spent on people, making a real difference for building occupants and facilities operations. Our clients’ success will elevate the State of Arkansas as national and international leaders regarding public facilities energy conservation.

Powerful Partnerships

For Smarter Energy Solutions.

Our Process

UCEP is not a retailer of products, i.e., does not represent a specific lighting, HVAC equipment, or energy management controls company. Being agnostic to manufacturers and products empowers UCEP to partner with existing equipment / systems providers to drastically improve operating efficiency and client satisfaction. In lieu of unwarranted or unjustified investments in new assets, we retro-commission and enhance the operating energy-consuming assets and systems.

The patented optimization software layers on the existing equipment and building automation controls to maintain energy and operations efficiency. This unique strategy provides clients with zero financial risk, a highly accelerated payback period, and a long-term stream of surplus operating funds. Completed projects, nearly 1200, have provided more comfortable buildings, improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), improved facilities operations, lower carbon footprint, and an average annual utility cost reduction of 34%. Nearly all projects have financial return of investment of 5 years or less.

UCEP Strengths and Market Differentiation

  •  Short-term payback, typically 5 years or less.
  • Immediate positive cash flow.
  • Proven success with high energy savings, average of 34% on over 1,200 completed projects. Approximately 1/3 of projects are K-12 public schools.
  • UCEP will fund and/or provide the financing for all projects in entirety (if required).
  • Transparent savings at the meter, using actual utility bill accounting and no stipulated cost savings.
  • Focus on optimizing current systems and equipment. Focus on human comfort and safety.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is improved with retro-commissioning of systems, and optimizing fresh air and dehumidification.
  • Energy Star rating of at least 90 out of 100 is the goal for each facility.

Partial List of Completed Projects With Savings

Sweeny Independent School District, Sweeny, Texas
Tori Hill, Superintendent

  • 1310 N. Elm Street, Sweeny, TX 77480, 979-491-8000
  • Number of Buildings – 7
  • Total Area – 488,142 square feet
  • Guaranteed Annual Savings: $51,445
  • Actual Annual Savings: $133,228

Giddings Independent School District, Giddings, Texas
Roger Dees, Superintendent

  • 2337 North Main St., Giddings, TX 78942, 979-542-2854
  • Number of Buildings – 12
  • Total Area – 407,008 square feet
  • Guaranteed Annual Savings: $57,097
  • Actual Annual Savings: $117,728

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