Energy Management as a Service.

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The business of Facilities and Energy Management (FM) operations has experienced a multi-faceted evolution since the early 2000’s, and its complexity advances alongside technology. Our Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) model provides our partners with a quick and cost-effective means to leverage FM operations technology to fully reap the benefits of these advancements.

EMaaS is the Shortest Path to Sustainable Decarbonization, Continuous Innovation, and Ongoing Operational Improvement

The Benefits of EMaaS Include:

  • Lowered Energy Costs
  • Expedited Decarbonization
  • Provides Renewable Energy of Facilities
  • Optimized Operations Effectiveness
  • Improved Interior Environment and Safety
  • Facility Credentialing and Compliance Management
  • Procurement Optimization
  • Transition to Technology and Data Rich Facilities

The Challenge:

Historically, optimizing and managing energy consuming infrastructure within facilities is expensive, challenging, and unsustainable for an organization to manage internally.

EMaaS is the Future to Enhancing Facilities Management

United Commercial Energy Partners is your expert EMaaS solution provider. EMaaS will lower your energy cost, expedite decarbonization and renewable energy of facilities, improve and optimize operations effectiveness, optimize interior environment and safety, facility credentialing and compliance management, procurement optimization, and transition to technology and data rich facilities.

  1. Energy Optimization – The classic feature of applied FM technology is energy optimization. The common challenges with building automation systems (BAS) include poor and inconsistent programing code / sequence of operations, untuned PID control loops, incorrect schedules, incorrect and excessive alarm notifications, manual overrides, and lack of operator confidence and experience.  EMaaS eliminates these challenges, which provides optimal energy efficiency at the device, space, building, and campus level.
  2. Occupant Comfort and Safety Optimization – Occupant surveys and ASHRAE research has reflected thermal and humidity comfort is the major factor impacting occupant satisfaction, productivity, and wellness. EMaaS is a resource to optimize HVAC system operations to ensure premium holistic Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), including thermal comfort, indoor humidity management, and ventilation management.
  3. Operational Decarbonization – EMaaS solution will provide owners and managers a pathway to facility operational carbon neutrality, and/or net zero operations carbon. This is primarily achieved through the Energy Optimization element.  EMaaS also includes renewable energy management, which may be onsite, off-site, utility provide, or a blend of renewal energy strategies.
  4. Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) & Predictive Maintenance (PdM)– Existing and current BAS software platforms include alarming and basic FDD functions. In general, unmanaged FDD produces more alarms than can be addressed by operations staff.  EMaaS will enhance and manage FDD functions to prioritize and organize fault notifications, follow up, and resolution.  The current advancement of FDD is Predictive Maintenance (PreM).  EMaaS will be the software platform, decision making, and action scheduling solution for advising operations staff of asset failures far in advance.  The intelligent advance notification provides for resource planning and development for facilities leadership, and/or automate the maintenance resource management.
  5. Energy and Power Resiliency – EMaaS solutions software and analytics combined with facility corrective actions will address challenges with energy and power, such as power factor correction, power quality, and power resiliency.
  6. Environment Certifications and Compliance Verification – EMaaS platform is the natural repository for energy and IAQ data. EMaaS is the solution for live monitoring and reporting compliance verification to current and future standards and codes.  EMaaS will be the interface for registering building operations for all environmental certifications (Energy Star, LEED, Well Building, RESET, ASHRAE Standards, etc.).
  7. Utility Procurement & Cost Management – Effective EMaaS solutions will optimize and shape facility energy profiles, as well as optimizing the energy demand. With a very stable and predictable utility profile, EMaaS providers have leverage to procure the most competitive energy rates.  EMaaS can also utilize market analytics and other data inputs to optimize the cost of consumed energy, and potential revenue of surplus renewable energy and/or facility profile capacity.
  8. Facilities Informatics / Digital Twin – Facilities Informatics is data science applied to building operations. Facilities Informatics and digital twin assets is not only the future, it’s already here.  EMaaS will provide consultation, guidance, and implementation support to owners and managers as Informatics matures this decade.

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