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Ryan Houser

Ryan Houser

Ryan Houser is a leader in the energy management sector and has a passion for serving others. Throughout Ryan’s entrepreneurial career, he continues to attract talented people to work alongside him in his drive for helping clients become more energy efficient.

Ryan developed a culture of servant leadership that naturally extends to clients and strategic partners. The combination of attracting award-winning industry experts and utilizing patented technology has culminated in developing over thirty unique strategic partnerships which is the foundation for the company he founded in 2016, United Commercial Energy Partnerships (UCEP), an energy services company.

Through UCEP, a full-service energy management firm, Ryan and his expert team have served thousands of people in nearly every industry over the last six years. Under Ryan’s leadership, UCEP continues to innovate and expand into burgeoning sectors, including crypto mining.

Ryan, his wife, and three children live happily in Prosper, Texas.

Jesse Crook

Jesse Crook

Jesse Crook is a wildly successful entrepreneur who has created his own unique pathway for financial success and personal fulfillment. Jesse started early bucking the norms by graduating from high school at 15 with a 4.3 GPA. Armed with nothing more than his fortitude and self-confidence, he bypassed a full ride college scholarship to start his first business. By the age of 20, Jesse made his first million. Since then, he started 7 more businesses, got married to Sarah, had 3 daughters, and has become an expert in the energy management sector.

Today, Jesse is the Chief Sales Officer of United Commercial Energy Partners (UCEP), based in Frisco, Texas. He has worked to build UCEP into a powerhouse, procuring over $200M in energy services.

David Handwork

David Handwork

David Handwork is a nationally recognized trailblazer in the field of engineering and facilities optimization. For thirty years, David has expanded the possibilities for energy optimization and efficiencies. His award-winning career spans work in the public and private sector which recently earned him the 2022 APPA Meritorious Award. David is a renowned industry leader by serving on multiple professional standards boards and organizations, such as, APPA, CAPPA, and ASHRAE.

Recently, David Handwork joined United Commercial Energy Partners (UCEP) as the Chief of Engineering and Director of Arkansas Operations. David shares his mechanical engineering and facilities management expertise with UCEP’s portfolio of clients.

David spent many years working at his alma mater, Arkansas State, managing major facility construction and renovation projects and leading the facilities engineering teams, including holding the esteemed position of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management.

David received a Bachelor of Science Agricultural Engineering in 1993 and later earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arkansas in 2010.

David and his wife, Jada, recently celebrated 31 years of marriage and are immensely proud of their two sons, Spencer, and Wesley.

Russell Houser

Russell Houser sees the big vision but understands the critical nature of the small things. Russell joined the United States Air Force in 2008. He oversaw daily aircraft maintenance operations and supervised teams of aircraft technicians. Russell excelled at quality control, overall aircraft readiness and he was asked to write guidelines for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that was adopted by Lockheed Martin. Because of his commitment to creating greater efficiencies with the airmen and airwomen he oversaw and the aircraft that he maintained, Russell was awarded numerous medals and accommodations.

While serving in the Air Force, Russell first achieved his Associates Degree from the Community College of the Air Force in Aviation Maintenance Technology and then his bachelor’s from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Technical Management and received the distinction of magna cum laude.

After completing his service to our nation, Russell joined United Commercial Energy Partners (UCEP) and quickly rose through the ranks to now lead the Energy & Optimization Division. His talents that were fostered in the military to examine every detail has carried over into his success in the energy sector. Russell specializes in achieving energy efficiency for universities, municipalities, and commercial buildings.

Russell is married to Lindsay, and they are busy with their 4 children: Gavin, Levi, Evelyn, and Oliver.

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